The Brooks and Joan Fortune Foundation (BJFF) funds art programs for at-risk youth.   There are many definitions of  “at-risk youth.”  The BJFF Board and staff uses this term to describe youth who are facing the challenges of poverty,  juvenile delinquency, parental substance abuse and negligence.  When minimal education and language barriers exist the difficulty is compounded.   Trying to deal with the challenges of staying in school are almost insurmountable and that is a key purpose of the Brooks and Joan Fortune Foundation and provide an outlet through the performing arts.  for the frustrated, anxious, and repressed feelings of the “at risk” youth. As Sheila states, ” After 20 years of working to understand these young people, I  think we’re headed in the right direction.”

January 1, 2019                   2019 Application Process Opens

March 29, 2019                   2018 Grant Reports Due (5 :00 PM MST)

May 2,  2019                          2019 Grant Applications Due (5:00 PM MST)

Applications  will be screened and evaluated upon receipt to determine eligibility.  Eligible applications will be reviewed at the annual Brooks and Joan Fortune Foundation June board meeting.  Organizations will notified by the end of June as to the status of their proposal.  2019 Grant funding will be disbursed by mid-July.


Applications must include the following information:         

Your Organization’s Mission Statement

A full description of the program(s) to be funded, including the number of youths you plan to serve, as well as their ages  and/or school  grade levels.

The amount of funds being requested.  New applications selected for funding will receive a maximum of $4,000 in the initial funding year.   Grants for returning grantees will range from $4,000 to $10,000.                                                      

A complete budget for the programs described, including income (i.e. Earned Income, Contributions, Grants, Fundraising, etc.) and Expenses (i.e. Supplies, Personnel, Food, Utilities, Rental, Scholarships, etc.).  

Include your organization’s general operating budget.

A copy of your current 501(c)(3) determination letter from the IRS stating that your organization is classified as a public charity under Section 509(a)(1) or Section 509 (a)(2).

A statement from your organization certifying that the tax-exempt status, as outlined in your determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service, still accurately describes the tax-exempt status of your organization.

A current list of your board of trustees with occupations included.  Evidence of active board leadership is encouraged.



Evaluations from current grantees (2018) are due by 5:00 PM (MST) March 29, 2019 


TERMS AND CONDITIONS of Grants awarded by the Brooks and Joan Fortune Foundation. These are non-recurring grants. The awarding of these grants does not constitute any obligation on the part of the Brooks and Joan Fortune Foundation (the Foundation) to make subsequent grants, nor does it preclude additional grants in the future.

Conditions: These grants are awarded based on the quality of the programs already in place, and an understanding that grant money would go as directly as possible to benefit the children in the programs. It is not the intention of the Foundation to add burdensome overhead by making conditions. However, after receiving a grant, the Foundation will request that the grantee assist us by providing us a final evaluation on the intended use of the money and on the outcome achieved.

These reports can be informal, but need to include the following:

A: Provide a quantitative measure, a discussion of the number and ages of children served, frequency of their attendance at rehearsals, performances, workshops, etc., continuity, and possible scholarship requests or awards.

B: Provide a qualitative measure, you may address artist/instructor anecdotes or journal notes on the progress of children, as well as anecdotal reports from the children themselves, or from their parents and others.

C: Include a financial measure of the final project profit and loss statement that includes all income and expenses. If the project is part of a larger organization, include general operating profit and loss statement, as well.

D: As a measure of the youth’s developmental progress, discuss their self-definition, self-discipline, creative expression, positive social interactions with peers and adults, competence and achievements, and/or meaningful indicators of change that has occurred as a result of their participation in the program.

Report deadline for 2018 Grantees is March 29, 2019.